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Turkmenistan with microbrew & the gates to hell

27 januar 2023 (5:00 PM) - 28 januar 2023 (6:15 PM)

In collaboration with Mikkeller Running Club, Above Borders has arranged unique tours to Turkmenistan. In addition to cultural impressions, one of his tours will give you a unique running experience and beer brewing in one of the worlds most isolated destinations.On his next tour in September you will get to meet the locals and experience the local culture as the travelers will celebrate the national holiday “Akhal Teke”, visit a local brewery and spend the night by “The Gates of Hell”. Last, but not least, you will be able to run up and down the famous “Stairs of Health” at a distance of 8, 16 or 33 km of your choice.
In 2015 Jonas did an exchange semester in Seoul. During his exchange, Jonas visited North Korea which lead to the beginning of Above Borders. The many contrasting and thought provoking experiences, woke an interest to explore different and isolated destinations around the world. In the beginning of 2019, Jonas visited Turkmenistan, which shortly after became the second destination of Above Borders. Jonas’ great travel experience is now used being a tour leader on our tours to North Korea and Turkmenistan. He loves to share personal anecdotes from his many tours to the worlds most isolated destinations, and he understand to reflect upon his experiences and question the societies he meets.

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fredag, 27 januar, 2023 @ 17:00
lørdag, 28 januar, 2023 @ 18:15