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Transnistria. An unrecognized state. With the guide, fixer of most Danish visitors, Tim Tiraspol.

22 november 2023 19:00 - 21:00

Tim Tiraspol is the only foreigner to ever Live in Transnistria (The Last of the USSR)! Through many Trails and Tribulations he has been accepted into the exclusive circle that runs the monopoly state. As an Unrecognized county, PMR falls under no international laws. Tim even spent time in a KGB prison in the early years! Now he works with the international media on multiple videos and issues. Including BBC, The New York Times, French Le Monde and Many More!
Here is a exclusive 1 hour interview on Polish National Radio: Listen here

Song the Danish globetrotters known around our travel café who have traveled in Transnistria with Tim Tiraspol are Hebron Schumacher, Lars Thorup, Erik Futtrup, Mette Ehlers Mikkelsen and Mettes three children Laerke Helene, Nicolai and Ella Ehlers Mikkelsen. Mettle, Laerke, Ella and Nicolai snowed in and could not get out for another day which is the only reason they were allowed to stay beyond the normal 24 hours visa.

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onsdag, 22 november, 2023
19:00 - 21:00