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Harry Mitsidis: Dark Tourism and Traveller Responsibilities

07 september 2023 19:00 - 21:00
Through an exploration of various cases of dark tourism, the listener is encouraged to consider the moral obligations of the traveller and what the limit is between exploration and understanding on the one hand and voyeurism and exploitation on the other hand.
The case studies that will be examined are
1. Sierra Leone – Bunce Island slavery site
2. Vietnam – Con Dao
3. Yugoslavia/Croatia – Jasenovac and Vukovar
4. United States – Oklahoma City Bombing
5. Cambodia – Tuol Sleng prison
6. Russia – Beslan tragedy
7. Indonesia – Aceh Tsunami sites
8. Somalia – Mogadishu
For each one of these cases, with multiple photos and an explanation of the historical background of each as a Dark Tourism site, a discussion on the ethics of visiting will be encouraged. Following the presentation, a lengthy Q&A will follow, which should take into account other examples of Dark Tourism.
Harry Mitsidis is the best travelled according to the global travel communities ex NomadMania. Meaning he is the one who has
visited the most countries and also regions off the beaten path.
Harry actually just visited every country in the world twice.
Harry Mitsidis founded the travel community NomadMania 10 years ago. Today it has a huge following with members from all over the world, hosting the annual awards focusing on positive role models and inspiration. NomadMania has travel themes as June: mental health and travel; July: sustainable travel. NomadMania verifies top travelers. It has serie on what to see and do thus to plan, register and map travels with more than 60.000 things to do & places to visit, incl. unesco world heritage sites, national parks, art, architecture, monuments, hikes & trekking , history and series like dark site.
Please arrive early as we expect a full cafè and as usual we operate on a first come first serve policy without signing up ahead.
We will try to ensure the chance also to speak to Harry before the event.
He will be joined by his husband Cedric.
They are hosted by our own board member, Mette Ehlers Mikkelsen, who chair the Executive Committee of NomadMania
The event will be in English.

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torsdag, 7 september, 2023
19:00 - 21:00