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Colombia. With Jack Goldstein (In english)

11 maj 2024 11:30 - 12:45

For many years “The risk is wanting to stay” was the very accurate motto of Colombia´s Tourism Agency. Colombia went from being the Black Sheep of tourism to a shining star and a very affordable destination. It is arguably the most diverse country in Latin America, both in terms of culture and landscape. It is the land of magical realism; of coffee, emeralds, flowers, birds and rivers. With still untouched UNESCO sites like Chiribiquete or Katios National Parks, few people include in their itineraries such places as Jirijrimo falls, Nuqui bay, San Bernardo islands or the snow covered peaks of Cocuy and paramo vegetation. Colombia is certainly an exotic, extreme an intense country to visit.

Jack Goldstein owns and manages Lancaster House, a hotel in Bogota. He organized ETIC-2020 trip to Marquetalia, the remote (and only once accessible) heartland of FARC rebellion. He was a board member of NomadMania and currently sits on the steering committee of MTP.
You can find their interviews on NomadMania and EPS. Jack is also featured on Counting Countries as well as in “Chasing 193”, edited in part by your own Herrik Jeppessen.

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lørdag 11 maj
11:30 - 12:45
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